Why Preserve And Restore Monuments?

Old architectural monuments are not only a treat to our eyes, but also to our intellect. A monument or heritage building does not stand separate only for its age and style, but also because of its history. They are not left to be assumed as one wants. We find inscription, information, signboards on the way to, around and inside such places. A novice eye may not be able to differentiate between the architectural designs of two different eras. The information in memorials is provided to make us know about the past inhabitants of the city, their culture and their lifestyle. Some monuments which are in ruins have their own story too. They show us how negligence or wrath of nature and human attacks can destroy a prosperous city or civilization.

Growth of economy and job opportunities:

When a city or country retains its past attractions people come from all over the world to visit them. Foreign people and visitors from other cities and states come to the place boosting its tourism. More visitors mean more need of places to stay and dine. More business creates job opportunities for the youth. The monuments need to be cared and renovated by reputed stonemason Sunshine Coast for preservation. Their presence creates different kinds of jobs in the area. Thus, our past helps us to make our present better. Preserving our past heritage is one of the ways to make our future better as it gives us options to earn livelihoods.

Our history:

We did not come to the digital era in a few years or the world does not start from here. Scientists are struggling to know about the creation of the Earth. This is all related to the past. Then, why are they spending so much time and money on the past which does not bother most of the people in this world. In reality, past has its own importance. To go ahead we need to know how we started, what mistakes did human civilization make and what were the biggest decisions.The old monuments of a city or a country also are a part of history that communicates silently. They are the lifeless agents who try to hold to our past about which we no longer care. The way of progress from the past of a certain place can be understood from observing the old monuments. They are not places only to spend a holiday, but also to know the growth of the city, its most glorious phase or most humiliating time.

Environmentally friendly: 

Today, we talk a lot about saving the environment. Preserving a building reduces the construction waste. They become as green as we want a new building to be. Greenery is maintained on some area around the monument which undoubtedly is a boost to the environment.