What To Gift Yourself This Birthday To Feel Good About Yourself?

Is another birthday approaching? Tired of doing the same old things to celebrate? Are you looking for a meaningful way of celebrating, or a suggestion for a gift that is bound to make you feel good about yourself? If so, here are our suggestions and recommendations to help you out…!

Make Life Easier For Your Future Self

Worrying about the future is something we all do; no matter what we say. We worry about our education, about our retirement life…even our romantic life! And while we agree that worrying is pointless, we always recommend that you should turn your worry into motivation. In the case of your retirement life; start planning and working for it today. It doesn’t matter if you are in your early 20s. start a retirement fund today. Have a bit of cash in the ready? Invest on a home, or a building that you can give on rent. Take measures today so that your future self will thank you.

 Change someone’s Life

The above gift to yourself would have definitely changed your life. But why stop at your life alone? Why not change someone else’s life as well? If you have the funds, contribute to a charitable donation. Not so much money? Go small. Treat someone in need to a lunch, or give them enough money to eat well a whole week. Plant a tree every birthday; save a little of the Earth for your children. Work at a soup kitchen for just a day. Smile and be motivating. Trust us, it will change someone’s life.

 Pamper Someone You Love

Birthdays are indeed a moment to celebrate yourself; but it need not be all about you. If our above suggestion of a charity donation (and all that followed) is a little too complicated for you; that’s alright. Sometimes, it can be intimidating approaching perfect strangers. In that case, what would you say about pampering someone you know and love. Instead of them taking you out for a meal, you take them for a day of pampering. We know this is all a little topsy-turvy, but trust us, you’ll feel great.

 Invest On Yourself

Are you someone who holds a tight fist when it comes to spending on yourself¾even if you don’t hesitate much on spending on others? Don’t worry; surveys show that this is pretty common. However, this birthday, we suggest you change that a little. Buy yourself some new clothes, or a new pair of shoes. Sign up for a class that will teach you a new skill; like cooking or swimming. Do something you’ve always wanted to; but have always been afraid to—like adventure sports! Believe us when we say I you take up this suggestion, your life will definitely change…!